Kate has spoken to a wide variety of audiences, including software engineers, law students, economics professors, and occasionally a billionaire or former prime minister. She has spoken in London, New York City, San Francisco, and Australia and at Stanford University. Need a speaker? Contact Kate here.

  1. March 08, 2024

    Smart contracts often get confused with a similar concept called "computable contracts." This talk explains the difference between smart contracts and computable contracts, and counters some of the common arguments made by legal scholars against smart contracts.

  2. November 07, 2023

    Starling Lab hosted a three-part Seminar Series at Stanford University on new ways to guarantee the authenticity, availability, and persistence of images, as well as metadata and attestations about the images. I was invited to give the initial presentation to kick off the second part of the series, Authenticated Databases, which included a panel discussion with speakers from Ceramic, Fission, and Fireproof Storage.

  3. October 04, 2023

    I had the opportunity to speak at Qcon SF on combating AI-generated fake images, as part of a fantastic track including Ryan Dahl (creator of Node.js) and Miško Hevery (creator of Angular.) The talk explored my work with Starling Lab. Rather than trying to detect AI-generated photos by various means, a more promising approach is to preemptively timestamp real images and their metadata.

  4. April 05, 2022

    Some of the largest frauds in history occurred because an agent contracted to act on someone's behalf, decided to act in their own self-interest instead. This talk given to economists at APEE explains how basic cryptography could have prevented some of those major frauds and changed the nature of the principal-agent problem.

Prior Talks

Here is a YouTube playlist of some recorded prior talks.

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